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Healing Secondary Trauma: Where Are The Answers?

PC – milos milosevic It feels like one of those contrasting moments. As if you’re caught in a sudden wind gust and then you step indoors only to realize how likely you could have blown away. Or maybe it was holding your breath as you dove deep into the water to retrieve that item dropped by the little one and as you inch your way back above the water line you gasp only to realize how little air you had left in your lungs. We can walk through life experiencing these and thankfully many of them are short-lived contrasting moments. But what about the ones that aren’t short-lived? As we’ve come up for air and out of the gusting wind, we’ve realized exactly how long we were sitting in them. Only as the contrast is drawn out in years rather than short-lived moments can we look back and truly know. If you are living every day with...Read More »

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