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Trauma: Where Are The Answers?

PC – milos milosevic Just as being adopted intertwines relinquishment in a child’s life, trauma of varying degree also intertwines itself in the adoption story. There’s lots of information, workshops, websites, and books available to us today and it’s vital that we not only simply understand trauma but also have the tools to parent children with trauma. Many of you may be very well versed in trauma, and I hope you will add your knowledge in the comments. If you are not one who is well read and needs some answers, hopefully this will get you started and pointed in the right direction to get the answers. I am honestly not an expert, nor would I claim to be. I am, however, a fellow adoptive mom who understands the difficulty and challenge that comes with parenting children with trauma. I simply hope to be a conduit of information and provide a safe space where...Read More »

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