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Residential Treatment: Where Are The Answers?

PC – milos milosevic   Awhile ago I had started this blog series called “Trauma-Healing-Residential Treatment:Where Are The Answers?” I’m sure none of you have been caught up in the needs of family, work or life itself requiring you to place other things important on the back-burner, so knowing you are readers of understanding and grace, I’m sure you’ll empathize with me. In adherence to the old saying… “Better late than never” and although I’m in violation of blog land rules, I’m going with the old saying and putting the blog on the front burner once again. So, here is the last installment of this series. It addresses questions around residential treatment as part of an adopted child’s healing journey. This is one of those adoption topics that I just haven’t had much education on, and I also wonder how often we misperceive this area of healing. I wanted to understand how a family comes to the decision...Read More »

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